The GianPaolo Petrini Big Band has been acting since 2000 and it is composed of 16 musician among the best in the Torino area. It is conducted by drummer Gianpaolo Petrini, well know in Italy for many years.

He has been performing in tours , on TV, live and has been recording with Artists such as: Mango, Alice, P. Bertoli, A. Oxa, A. Celentano, A. Martelli, P. Pirazzoli, D. Morselli, G. Basso, F. Boltro, G. Garzone, B. Kessel, F. Cerri, G. Camarca, J. Donaldson. Fabrizio Bosso,Francesco Cafiso,Nicola Piovani.

The Band has been invited to many festivals such as: : Eurojazzfestival di Ivrea, Lecco, Torino International jazz Festival, Mondový, Acquiterme, Jazz e Cheese, Carmagnola, Magazzino di Gilgamesh.,guest star:Flavio Boltro,Demo Morselli,Antonella Ruggiero.

The B.B. is able to perform with any special guests, at conventions, open air parties and two singers in F. Sinatra, M . Bubblè style are also available. Sound system and lights can be furnishes on request.

UFIP is the Big Band T-Shorts official sponser.

GianPaolo Petrini is a Volume drums endorser, UFIP cymbals, Ideas for Drummer Sticks.


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